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City Beautification Ensemble

The City Beautification Ensemble (CBE) is an urban interventionist group fighting against the dullness of the Toronto cityscape by introducing blocks of colour into the city. CBE’s guerilla urban renewal project improves the psycho-geography of Toronto through "soft-spot" colour application to fight against the harsh greys of our concrete-centric society and produce "a calming place […]

The Red Light Project

The Red Light Project was conceived and promptly abandoned by Kelly Thornton in 2000. The idea was resurrected nearly five years later with help from Clinton Walker (organizer of the Queen West Art Crawl) who thought it would be a perfect fit for the former red light district in the Parkdale neighbourhood of Toronto. After […]

Walk Here

Artist and activist Dyan Marie lives and works in the Lansdowne/Dupont area of Toronto, a neighbourhood fractured by issues of poverty, environmental damage, drug abuse, and an active sex trade. It is also broken up by major roads and three railway lines. There is a reduced tree canopy, and existing parks and other public spaces […]

Reclaim the Streets

Reclaim the Streets (RTS) is a distinctly urban, international social movement that originated in London, England during the mid-90s as a direct reaction to the increasing prevalence of car culture, and the displacement of people and neighbourhoods by State highway expansion projects. In recent years, however, RTS has broadened and diversified its critiques, situating the […]

Free Parking Space

The Free Parking Space project was created by the Pedestrian Mob, a loose collective of individuals who seek to engage the urban environment as a locus of numerous social ills and inspirations. Participants in the project used recycled cardboard tubes to construct car-sized frames that could be worn in motion by both cyclists and pedestrians, […]

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